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Cleaning Instructions
To keep your coating product in good shape, we advise cleaning on a frequent base with warm water , a soft detergent and sponge. Dry with microfiber or woolen cloth.
For intensive cleaning , we advise to use our Foamcleaner®. This multi-surface foam cleaner & degreaser provides a heavy duty foam that quickly breaks down grease and grime. Engineered for the cleaning and degreasing of lacquering, rubber and waterproof surfaces.
Foamcleaner® removes effortlessly dirt, grease, dust, fingerprints and nicotine stains, residues of insects and other hard dirt from almost any surface or object. Leaves no residue. Not aggressive and readily biodegradable. Tested and certified by “Public Health and Safety Company” NSF for use in Food Industry. (NSF-A1)
As a cleaning device it is recommended to use a microfiber or wool cloth. For hard stains you can use our melamine sponge to wipe out in combination with the Foamcleaner®.
Don’t use aggressive cleaning products nor abrasive cleaning tools!

Easy to use:
Frequent Cleaning
• Warm water
• Soft detergent
• Clean with sponge
• Dry with microfiber or wool cloth
Intensive Cleaning
• Foamcleaner® spray
• Leave for 1 minute
• Clean with dry microfiber cloth
Hard Stains
• Foamcleaner®
• Leave for 1 minute
• Rub with melamine sponge
• Clean with dry microfiber cloth