Who we are and how we work

Vrijdaghs is among the leading companies in the Belgian foam processing industry. We are specialized to provide customized foam solutions to our valued B2B customers by actively thinking along with their development needs (R&D). Together with our reliable suppliers, we offer the best selection of foam materials, making us recognized as the foam converting specialist for various markets. Ensuring an energy efficient production process and responsible ecological footprint.

Our customer relationships are based on the principle of partnership, where close cooperation ensures mutually beneficial results. Quality, punctuality, efficiency and flexibility are the pillars of our objectives. Our slogan "The flexible foam solution" proudly symbolizes both our products and our way of working.

Short-term mission statement:
We shape your foam ideas

Our mission is to deliver qualitative foam solutions tailor-made to customer needs through product diversification and specialized expertise.

Long-term vision statement: Together, we will shape a world where foam meets unlimited possibilities.

Our vision at Vrijdaghs is to be the pioneer of foam solutions, recognized for our product diversification, specialized expertise, and relentless pursuit of innovation. We envision a future where our comprehensive range of foam products caters to the unique needs of diverse industries by setting new standards of excellence.


Why collaborate
with Vrijdaghs

  • Tailor-made to customer needs
  • More than 75 years of experience
  • Versatility (diversification)
  • Quality assurance with short lead time
  • Progressive mindset
  • Price-quality ratio

Fueling the foam industry since 1950 by combining Flexibility, Family, and Forward thinking.


Founded in ZELE 1950

400 m²
5 employees


ZELE in 1970

2000 m²
10 employees


ZELE in 1986

4500 m²
15 employees


LOKEREN in 2016

13000 m²
37 employees